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Who Are Lloyd Visuals?

You have heard of the name, Lloyd Visuals, but who exactly are we and what can we do for you?

I am Ryan, founder of the company, and I am a Wix professional who will create interactive, immaculate websites for you & your business using the Wix platform. I use Wix as it allows me to create stunning sites quickly which then allow me to keep the costs down. Anybody can throw some text together but you need a creative mind to turn it into something special.

Jess is a photographer I use who can create unbelievable images from just about anything. There is nothing worse than designing & creating an impressive website to then have to use pixelated, unprofessional photography. Jess can come out and get high definition shots of anything from an internal room to a photography shoot of a social media influencer. This girl is a master of her art and will switch between her Go Pro and Canon 90D DSLR camera to make sure the shots are perfect.

Ben will create the most insane videography for your business. There is no better advertisement than a video consisting of your work, logo, background music & even a voice over. This guys work is absolutely seamless and he will stitch you together a master piece which is for sure going to get you more noticed.

Services We Provide

Web Design

Using the Wix platform we can build responsive, animated & eye catching websites quickly. You can then take over the site or ask us to take full management over it so as you can sit back and concentrate on running your business.


We can come out and take professional, high quality photos for you using our top of the range cameras. Whether it be a family photo shoot or interior photography for your new online business, we are able to do it.


We can now offer videography for your businesses. Have it up on your website to quickly and effectively advertise who you are or promote it around social media to start bringing in the traffic & getting your brands out there.

Social Media

Social media is everywhere now and we can help you to make the most of it, giving you tips on paid advertisement & linking your social media accounts with your website. We will point you in the right direction to make sure traffic is going to all areas of your business.

Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Let us help you create the brand you deserve

So happy with our website! Ryan was really helpful & professional. Wouldn't use anybody else!

Kiaya W.

Bleu Salon Owner

Perfect On All Devices

All of our websites include a mobile friendly view so as it adjusts itself dependant on what device you are viewing it from. This means the performance of the site will always be at its best.

Refer a Friend

If you have a website with us and refer a friend who also chooses to work with us we will refund you a months running cost. There is no limit to how many friends you can refer, bring in 12 friends per year & you don't pay a penny, all costs would be paid by us!